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VIS is always looking for competent construction professionals to join our staff. We foster a collaborative and supportive work environment where individuals are encouraged to augment knowledge and credentials to improve skills so that we can serve our clients in ways that are constantly improving.

At VIS, we place people and relationships above profit and market share. Ultimately, we believe and have found that this is a recipe for success on all levels.

VIS provides competitive wages and salaries along with life and disability insurances and has health insurance available to those who do not have coverage from another source. Employees enjoy a competitive package of holidays, personal/sick days, and graduated vacation weeks awarded for longevity.

Because we serve a large geographic area, we are presently searching for new employees to serve the northeast and south west Vermont and eastern New Hampshire.

If you are a construction professional with experience in consulting services to owners of public and private buildings, please contact us and speak with Marc Fyrberg, General Manager (, Human Resources Director, or Brian Haas, President. Let’s discuss how we may work together for our mutual benefit in the ever expanding construction consulting service industry.

VIS Construction Consultants – Your Allies in the Construction Zone