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Job Openings

VIS Office Administrative Assistant

October 2017

VIS Construction Consultants is seeking to add a competent person to our staff to provide a variety of office
assistant services for our staff of eight consultants. The successful candidate will be well organized, have good
English language skills, and will be friendly and personable. Experience in the construction industry or related field
is preferred. This position is intended to be 20 to 24 hours per week initially; full time work is intended and
expected over time as the company grows. 

  1. Office Administration: Provide general oversight and coordination for the business activities of staff members
    • Keep a company calendar up to date for meetings, events, and vacations
    • Keep the list of projects up to date and properly labeled in all databases
    • Track subcontractor involvement in project fulfillment; assure that they get timely payment
    • Keep insurance policies, State and Federal registrations, and subscription services current
    • Work with our bookkeeper and accountant to know that all records are kept current
  2. Promote Quality Services: Monitor reports and services rendered for consistency and quality
    • Review and edit reports, correspondence, and cost estimates for quality appearance and content
    • Edit reports and other client documents to promote clear communication
    • Promote and monitor file organization for ease of archival retrieval
  3. Promote VIS Public Relations: Actively promote the public awareness of VIS; create in-bound markets that produce consistent flows of work for our staff
    • Maintain the stock of PR materials and get new materials printed
    • Update project photos and get display materials ready for trade shows
    • Maintain archives of promo materials; assemble examples of our work for prospective clients
    • Help staff members develop appropriate content and post it to social media locations
    • Post news of VIS projects, events, and journaling about cutting edge construction topics
    • Receive inbound marketing requests and facilitate the transition to responsible staff
    • Work with our web manager to keep website up to date and attractive
  4. Provide Human Resource Oversight: Actively promote good working environment for all staff members
    • Assure that yearly reviews are conducted in a productive manner for all concerned
    • Keep HR records organized and current
    • Know issues of HR compliance and make owner(s) aware of any deviations
    • Assist the owner with recruiting new staff to fill vacancies and new positions.
    • Other duties as needs may develop

Interested individuals are encouraged to send resumes and references to:
or VIS Construction Consultants, 595 Dorset Street, Unit #5, South Burlington, Vermont 05403