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Additional Services

Special Inspections:
The International Building Code requires certain special inspections to be performed on building components by certified inspectors. VIS has staff expertise to provide inspection of many of these components including: reinforcing bar for concrete, welded and bolted connections of structural steel, and fire-proofing of structural steel. VIS can verify that your building components have met the requirements of the building codes and document this conformance.

ADA Conformance:
In addition to these building code driven construction inspections, VIS is called on to review other building components for conformance to certain National Standards such as ADA requirements for access to buildings for people with disabilities (Americans with Disabilities Act) as currently enforced by the US Department of Justice.

Forensic Examinations:
VIS is often called in by clients to examine existing buildings to determine why damage, settlement, or disassembly has occurred. Using our years of experience with construction assemblies we can determine the cause of a building problem and help to determine the best correction.