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Owner Representation

As owner’s representatives, we provide comprehensive management and coordination of all construction project activities. Our primary goal is to ensure that each member of the owner’s team of specialists collaborates in a manner that serves the owner’s overall interest. We monitor and coordinate the efforts of all members of the project team, enabling the owner to achieve maximum value for each dollar expended.

We are the strong core of your project team
Having VIS involved enables the construction process to run efficiently 
VIS clearly understands the design and construction business models
We provide consistent dependability
We are team players and result oriented
We provide ROI to our clients by watching over their investment very closely
We keep projects on target through daily course corrections
We are truly dedicated to our clients' success

Our experienced staff applies leadership skills to plan and direct the project team toward success. Our proactive approach encourages designers, contractors and vendors to work together to achieve the owner’s quality, cost and schedule objectives. We strive for positive working relationships among the project team members, facilitating timely resolution of the problems and conflicts that are common in the design and construction process.

VISCC’s documentation system creates a thorough record. We develop an initial project plan that articulates the project scope, schedule and budget parameters. Next, we create a series of clear and concise reports that monitor and track all project activities, using these documents as management tools for the project team.

The responsibilities and limitations of authority within the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are different by definition. The state of Maine delegates the clerk-of-the-works to the architect/engineer. An owner’s representation would be representing the owner in the State of Maine. The States of New Hampshire and Vermont delegate the clerk-of-the-works to the owner. The duties, responsibilities and limitation are similar for both the clerk-of-the-works and owner’s representative.

Our fees are tailored to fit the scope and type of project. The savings we produce through efficient management and coordination of all project activities effectively reduces the cost of our services. We have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve substantial reductions of cost, without sacrificing construction quality.