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Project Management

At VISCC we promote a non-adversarial management approach, combined with a strong advocacy for the owner’s interests. We have found that successfully completed projects are achieved through the co-operative team approach. Through our careful management of owners’ concerns, the construction process becomes much less stressful and more predictable and controllable. 

Your VISCC project manager will:

  • Facilitate communication and organize a framework within which everyone can function to serve the owner’s best interests
  • Actively promote an orderly process by conducting regular meetings and resolving problems quickly
  • Create RFPs to obtain proposals from Construction Managers and facilitate the execution of contracts
  • Manage the bidding process when the delivery method will be by General Contractor
  • Maintain constant oversight of project schedule and budget
  • Deliver clear reporting to owner’s management personnel to facilitate decision making
  • Provide a strong owner’s management presence to assure that the whole process runs smoothly