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Our Team

President and Owner
  • Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC)
  • Owner’s representative, project manager and field inspector
  • Consultant for construction budgeting, scheduling and inspection services
  • Construction plan  review and code compliance
  • Residential and commercial real estate inspection and reporting
  • Skilled and trained as a mediator for construction related disputes
James P. Lintereur
Associate Project Manager
  • Thirty five years of experience with both renovations and new building construction
  • Knowledge in methods, materials and building codes for both residential and commercial construction
  • Up-to-date knowledge of Vermont residential and commercial energy standards
  • Working knowledge of all construction phases, from ground work through completion
  • Extensive history of job site supervision of employees and sub-contractors
  • Certified as NCCER Instructor (National Center for Construction Education and Research)
  • Owner’s representative, project manager, construction consultant
  • Consultant for construction education and pre-planning
  • Consultant for construction administration, plan review and code compliance
Timothy S. Merrow
Associate Project Manager
  • Project manager, field inspector, owner’s representative, clerk-of-the-works for public and private building construction projects
  • Residential and commercial real estate inspection and reporting
  • General quality control oversight of numerous trades to maintain high level of adherence to project specifications and contract documents
Associate Project Manager
  • Owner's Representative
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Consultant
  • Loan Progress Specialist
Estimating Consultant
  • Estimator
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Consultant